International Debt Statistics

Now in its forty-eighth year, International Debt Statistics (IDS) supports policymakers and analysts by monitoring aggregate and country-specific trends in external debt in low- and middle-income countries. It provides a comprehensive picture of external borrowing and sources of lending by type of borrower and creditor with information on data availability and comparability. To further enhance debt transparency, this year’s report introduces additional features, such additional information on average lending terms by creditor country and the currency composition of debt stock. The Central Bank is also featured separately in the borrower composition along with its debt instruments. In addition, the IDS-DSSI database includes the actual debt service deferred in 2020 by each bilateral creditor and the projected monthly debt-service payments owed to all bilateral creditors for year 2021. The IDS 2022 publication provides a select set of indicators, with an expanded data set available online.

IDS 2021 Cover

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Database Archives

These archives contain Excel spreadsheets and range in size from 6-80Mb (compressed), and include databases from the period prior to 2012 when the report was named Global Development Finance. Archives from July, 2010 to October, 2012 also include data from the World Development Indicators. Archives prior to February, 2010 also include data in text and MS Access formats. Note that the Year column refers to the calendar year in which the database and its corresponding report were originally published.

Year Month(s)
2021 January
2019 December
2018 December
2017 December
2016 December
2015 December
2014 December
2013 December
2012 December, October, September, July, May, April
2011 December, September, July, April
2010 December, July, February
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2008 December, April
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2006 December, April
2005 November, April